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What Battery Should I Buy?

REPLACEMENT BATTERY: A replacement battery is one that will directly replace the standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery. We offer them as a “2X” battery meaning that you will receive a quantity of 2 along with a separate wall/USB charger.

These are great for those who use their phone a lot but don’t want the bulk of an extended battery. With the separate charger you can charge the second battery while using the first. If your OEM battery is still functional, then you can have hours and hours of use!

EXTENDED BATTERY: An extended battery is usually about twice the thickness as the standard battery and, depending on use, should give you about twice as much battery life. Because they are bigger than the OEM, we provide the back cover that is molded and colored to match your phone.

Extended batteries are great for those who want hours of uninterrupted usage. They are bigger and heavier so we also offer protective cases for your phone.

How do I know which phone I have?

Follow these steps to determine the best battery for your phone:

Turn off you phone then remove the battery cover and battery from the back of your phone. Underneath where the battery is, you should see a label that gives the phone’s name and model number.

Alternately, your manual will more than likely say on the cover or in the first few pages what phone you have.
 you may also wish to check your carrier’s web site or the phone manufacturer’s web site. Both will probably have a listing for your phone somewhere on them.

Important Note: If your Phone is new and you cannot find it by searching our store, check back in a few weeks or sign up for our newsletter, as we are continually updating our battery line. If you have any questions about the batteries or are still unsure about which battery to buy, contact us for assistance.

What if there is a problem with my purchase?

We use top grade materials and do rigorous testing of our materials, but occasionally, an item is defective or damaged in shipping. We pride ourselves on treating our customers the way we hope to be treated and make replacements and returns as easy as possible.

To begin the return process, simply fill out our simple return/refund form.

What is the Correct Way To Cycle Up A New Battery?


1. Remove all packaging (do not remove the Hyperion label) and install the battery into the phone.  It is not uncommon for your phone’s battery meter to give a false reading of the battery’s charge until you’ve completed the “break in” period.

2. Charge your battery overnight (regardless of reading) for the first 4-5 cycles.  Extended batteries require 10-12 hrs for a full charge.  Do not deplete the battery to 0%.  Some smart phones need to “adapt” to the larger battery.

3.  Keep battery dry and away from moist or corrosive materials.  Do not cross the contacts on the battery.  Do not use if the battery is swollen or runs too hot to touch.  Always use the phone in well ventilated areas.

4. Store in cool, dry place and recharge once every 3 months when not in use.

If this does not work, please contact our customer service.

What if my purchase hasn’t arrived?

If you have ordered an item and it hasn’t arrived by the suggested delivery date, we will happily send you another one at no extra charge. Just fill out this quick form.

What if I Have A Question Not Answered Here?

You are welcome to contact our Customer Service department with any questions you may have. We check email frequently and will get back to you as fast as possible. Please be as specific as possible with your question.

We always treat our customers the way we hope to be FAMILY!
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