We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our service and our products. Here are a few samples. Thank you to our customers for their kind words!

The best service I’ve ever gotten in my life, I got from this seller. I had a part that didn’t work, he simply contacted me said throw it away and sent me a new one that arrived 1 day later. no questions asked, I would DEFINITELY do business with this seller every time I get the chance!!!

-J. Adams
5 Star Rating

This is a great item sold by a very customer friendly company. When I received the item, the replacement back cover had a small chip in it. I emailed the company and they quickly shipped out a new back cover to replace it. It was hassle free.
– R. Jordan
5 Star Rating

Purchased the extended battery and black case. Fits perfectly on my Note 2 from Sprint. I used to kill my battery quickly without even using it. I guess all them apps running in the background. This battery is great!!! it does extend the life of the phone. I’m a heavy user, so this batt lasts me at least 24 hrs. My other batt would last me 12 hrs.
-Brendan G.
5 Star Rating

I love it u guys rock.
– Tanya
5 Star Rating

A+ service. I accidentally bought the wrong product. I contacted customer support for options and was shipped the item I meant to purchase and was also sent a return shipping label to send back the ‘oops item’. I’m impressed and couldn’t be happier. Extremely fast shipping, to boot.
– J.E.
5 Star Rating

Item was delivered fast and was as expected. My batteries last about 2 days per charge and I’m a very heavy user with my phone. The company even sent me a follow up email to see how I liked the product and if I had any questions or concerns. I liked that.
– Rebecca
5 Star Rating

I’m very satisfied with the battery. It has made my experience using a cell phone much more enjoyable knowing that I can use it as much as I wish without being plugged in all the time. I am able to experience a mobile device as it should be.
– Michael F.
5 Star Rating

We always treat our customers the way we hope to be treated...like FAMILY!
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