About Us

Family owned and operated, Hyperion EA started with a desire to operate a business that would treat its customers and employees in a top-rate manner. Located in Grandville, Michigan, Hyperion EA has become one of the fastest growing cellular phone, mobile device and accessory discount suppliers on Amazon and the web. Our reputation for high-quality replacement batteries, extended life batteries and chargers, after-market accessories, and outstanding customer service helped to create a company that has risen to the top in giving you what you need to keep going and, more importantly, customer satisfaction!

We are honored to receive glowing product reviews throughout the blog-o-sphere, especially among device application developers themselves.

A key ingredient to our success is our attention to detail in terms of technical development, quality control, and market response. We develop exacting specifications for every new product we bring to market, complete with rigorous quality control and a comprehensive product guarantee.

Our product development team brings you leading-edge after-market products at lightning speed and affordable prices.

We are passionate about presenting the industry’s latest mobile hardware devices and ensuring that you have the best possible experience with our products. We pride ourselves on treating our customers the way we hope to be treated. Let Hyperion EA power up your lifeline!

About Our Products




EXTENDED BATTERY: Today’s smart phones use a lot of power, especially if your lifestyle calls for streaming video, audio and GPS.  With our extended batteries, you’ll see anywhere from 2-3 times more power and life with the same use.  Extended batteries are larger than the standard manufacturer battery and we provide the replacement back cover to complete your phone.

REPLACEMENT BATTERY: Made with the same materials as the OEM manufacturer battery, our replacement batteries are designed to match your existing battery’s power.Built-in integrated circuit chip prevents overcharging and overheating.

All of our batteries have a 2 Year No Hassle Warranty!




We offer a wide range of protective cases to protect your lifestyle.  Slim cases that offer a Matte or Honeycomb finish, our 2-piece rugged Explorer case provide even more protection and our exclusive high end Titan case gives you incredible style and optimum protection for phone.

Whether you have a standard size battery or an extended battery, we have the right case for most phones!


We always treat our customers the way we hope to be treated...like FAMILY!
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