Mobile Burn Reviews HTC Desire X…

August 31st, 2012 by ifi-admin

HTC Desire smartphoneMobile Burn (, a website devoted to mobile device and app reviews, released a review of the HTC Desire X slated to hit the market later this year. Here’s a taste of what editor Andrew Tameka says:

HTC pledged to release fewer smartphones in 2012, and focus on delivering a better experience for the handful of devices that it does release. The Taiwanese manufacturer has stayed true to that promise by putting all of its effort behind the One series, but it’s switching things up with the new HTC Desire X.

The HTC Desire X can be considered a rejuvenated One V that looks more like a One X. Internally, it’s on the lower end of what HTC tried to accomplish with the One series, but it has a rounder, smoother exterior than what we’ve seen previously. The phone has a 4-inch super LCD screen with a WVGA 480×800 resolution, 4 GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, and 768 MB of RAM. The Desire X has a dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and a 1650 mAh battery to power day to day activity.


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